siLEnt wEep



I cry to my heart’s content

Tears don’t stop their flow still

I cry out loud inside my heart

To stop myself, got no will.

Trust- a word used often

By you to describe our bond

Rust- is what It got often

Its what our bond is now made of.

I try, I try to stop these from

Rolling down my cheeks

I fight them out, shout at myself

Them in me, I can’t keep

My head bursting bad and spinning round

Press myself against the bed

Put my pillow on top and creep

Deep inside my quilt

But won’t stop ringing, my head full of dirt

I slap, shut my eyes, try hard to sleep

Give up, and finally sit.

Take out my loyalist thing I’ve got

A pen and paper to scribble my thoughts

And cry it out here, spill all the beans

I finish off with my silent weep.


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