Its pouring cats and dogs today.
monsoon has arrived here.
or so.i guess.
i woke up in the morning to the splatter of the rain drops.
it splashed on the grills of my balcony.
hitting hard my air conditioner from the outside.
with different angles.intensities.
it all feels so refreshing and new.
like a new wave.,
a wind touches my face.gushes up through my skin.
i feel all that it gets to me.
twirling up each and every part of me.
inside me gets a new happiness.! (=

the hot steaming paranthas that mumma makes..
complete my day!
mouth-watering..and totally melt in the mouth.
i get the rewards when i gulp it


the hot hot coffe that i gulp down my throat, evokes all senses.
gets me charged up.
and for a day like this.
i just like to stay back and relax((=
and those bunch of flowers..
they light up moods.
and brighten up the day!((=


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