where the walk.seems like into a new.different land.

monday morning blues..

And I decided to go out “WALKING” with my brother that morning..the previous night.
I still wonder..in those sleepless nights of mine..just WHY??!
However there is no regret..bUT. STILL!

So..That fateful morning
TRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRIiiiiinggggggggg my alarm went.
My hand crept out of the quilt. FTTTaaack!
One single tap and…..SILENCE

A straight pat on my back.. THWACK!
believe me.that horribly aches...
That was bhai waking me up from my sweet slumber.
My dreams being broken suddenly into pieces..his heavy voice seemed to break all chords and harmonies in me., leaving me with no other option than ACTUALLY bidding farewell to my prince charming and WAKE UP.=\
i SO hated myself at this thought of going WALKING..WHAT on this heavenly planet was i thinking..urrrghh..i hated myself for doing this to me..and my prince charming..AND my sweet slumber..mmeeeewww..='(
i shouted..screamed..all to be blamed later for spoiling everyone’s sleeps.=\ and
The door of my room was shut on my face.
With my mom standing like a highway signal pointer..pointing me to go wash my face..and that evil grin on bhai’s face..
uggggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!! i hated. HATED it!!!
I got the clue.
Got out.
slammed! the main door shut.
Opened the gate up again.
Took my camera along.
Shut the door again.this time thinking twice. no i didn’t leave anything
Climbed down the stairs.
And alongside bhai.. me and he argued on where to go..
finally decided on a place..and trolled along.
With each other. the grrrr..urrrrrghh. part :\
Its called the PONTOON BRIDGE
Its still a farm area..the place.its beautiful..there’s a highway..with one side having all the hustble bustle..the monotonous daily lives..people running behind buses can be spotted..aunties complaining about the delayed water supply.their house maids.old-aged uncles formed in groups talking about everything..ranging from corruption.to the last night electricity cut..to their brother’s daughter’s cousin’s wedding.. the EVERYDAY routine.
and on the the side of the highway you get this..

nature in all its glory..aaah! *sigh!*

where the sun was YET to touch its glorious being

Most people were engrossed in their sweet sleeps..and I realised that there was a new found world settled on this side of the highway. Slowly we also saw people who’d woken up to take the new tasks of their day.
we walked..talked to the people around..everyone seemed welcoming.
we asked them about their farms, their routines..captured some of them engaged in these tasks..all of them commonly welcoming the new morning..

this particular uncle were so up about telling us all about his farms..

me and bhai would occasionally spot a tractor and would run long distances to capture it..but all attempts failed..till this one time..=))

and we were happy..=))

all this capturing..fooling around..running..made us totally forget about the time.
as we gasped looking at our watches, we realised it had been too long.but a smile,woke up to the fact that this morning had been like no other..and that we had learnt life..enjoyed so much..felt the cool light breeze on us like never. # oh yesh! the breeze was so cold that we were ACTUALLY freezing..while rest of the city sweat in hot.hot sun.#

WE were the lucky asses!! *a huge grin.devilish.wide enough to touch from one ear to the other..behehehe*

Very soon..the sun came out smiling at us.=))
capturing the morning sun coming out from between the trees and mosses..it felt amazing!

and once it did..the place turned up to be all the more amazing to us..

this picture is MY favourite-est!

i always fascinated a natural water body..and THIS is what i got..

and i frankly couldn’t be happier..=)

we looked at our watches again. actually it was JUST. ME looking at my phone =P
and realised that we’d be late BIG TIME so it was NOW that we HAD to rush out..and so we did.
But that morning turned sweet not because i came back and slept again…but because i got to experience a world that I’d only dreamt till now..and YES it had been here all this while..But i thank myself and the heavy vocal of my brother for getting up..for my scream,, to have woken up my mom,,who in turn gave me such expressions that made me rush out of the house and ME. AGAIN for having opened the door SLAMMED and taking my camera along. =))

That’s all…FOLKS!



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