He had come for a while and is leaving now

Can he tell me, he leads his life how?

He waved me off, and started to go

Fear of his mind, he would never show

I called to him, but he did not turn back

Just bent down, to pick up his sack

But I could not see him jump in,

The mouth of death, as it would be a sin

But he did not even wave again

All my efforts to call him were in vain

I returned back with a heavy heart

I returned back with a heavy heart

I hoped this not be an end but a start

Of a new life which would be rough

To make ends meet, alone, would be tough

I waited for his letters

For days months and years together

He’d promised that he’s write

But now for his life, I had a fright

I wish nothing bad would’ve happened

Or else my life in pieces would shackle

Finally, it was his birthday

So I planned to call him up and say

All the things which were unsaid

But suddenly, I saw a team that was led

With his sack, by some army men

Who kept down a coffin in my front

I could not believe it to be true

All this, could not be so

He’s promised that he’d come back alive

He couldn’t have lied, as I was his wife

And love, and friend, all that he’d said

My thoughts, my feelings were all dead

Today, was his birthday, atleast this wasn’t true

I ran back doors, upstairs to find a clue

I knew he must be joking with me

And that I knew, in a moment I’d see

Him, with a smiling face

Open his arms and call my name

And I would rush into them and laugh

But my mind did not argue with my heart

I knew he was gone, breaking all his promises

I was stoned for a moment, as if I was jinxed

Then one of the men came forward and handed

Me, a bunch of papers

“These, he had written for you”, he said

“These, these are your letters”

Nothing had he broken, all his promises were kept

True was he, I mourned and wept

This, could not, bring him back to me

But, I wanted him, I wanted HE.

I write this to share my thoughts with you

To make people realize how it feels, their dear ones to lose.


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