I cry to my heart’s content

Tears haven’t stopped still

I’ve been trying to compose all that I have

Nothing I do seems to be working.

The moment I try to hold them up

one blink is enough to spoil the look

I try to face away from reality from the time

To crying all night long I seemed to be hooked.

I know its all fake

All that I have in me now

I pretend to be happy, thats all I do

True happiness is something I can’t show.

Night time’s my day,

when the night sky disguises as my shadow

I creep in it to all the time and stay

I weep with my head bowed.

My hands are covering my face

Alternatively wiping my tears too

And my shirt’s all wet now

More and more of them roll down, they don’t seem to be through.

My lips are dry, the mouth wet

my eye are red, all swollen

I’m panicking to make them stop the flow

But they’re burning fire in them at the moment.

I’m considering the Satan’s side

will he give me shelter and food?

though none would be required after I’m gone

And none of these tears too.

Haven’t been able to sleep of late

Nothing in me gives content to me,

Although I feel one night would be mine too

And I would sleep without my silent weep.


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