A butterfly with wings

All cocooned up, covered
is all what life seems to appear to her
With bright-lit eyes and dreams high
All that rules her mind right now would be to fly.
She knows the world, understands it too
Sometimes things getting too much leave her perplexed with what to do
But her dreams still strong,
keep pushing her farther to things right and away from things wrong.
Mistakes, yes she’s done, worked to get through
Risen high from previous bad shows.
She’s been determined and mature all along
And now works hard to get what to her it matters
She flips-flops her wings
dropping pixie-dust all around
She’s getting grander by days that unfold
She’s got prettiness of the beauty untold.
She has colors in her- one, two, three
And four, five- all that one would want to be
She grows up, leaving all things, not mattering behind
She shines, her dawn-time
Her colors only add to the vibrancy of her character
She now dances in air making the flowers to smile and get flattered
The wings’ flutter sound as sweet as a chime
The smell she’s getting from the flowers is only divine
A butterfly, with wings wants to fly high
Thats what she wanted to be, what she is now
Spreading happiness all over is what she seems to provide
Bringing laughter while doing away with the cries
She’s wanted to fly off away from the beings
And now a butterfly, she’s as content as she could ever be.


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