My Day?

It was a few minutes after midnight. I called up a friend to wish her for her birthday.


The phone rang quite for a while before it was finally answered by a familiar voice.
“Haaappppyyyy.eee Birthdaaaayyyyyyyy!” A super excited me jumped and sprang about places while saying so. “Thaanks” It felt so plain.
Umm, It was her birthday and not MINE and here I was- a jumping jack and well the birthday girl didn’t seem even half as excited. On asking what was wrong I found out that she too suffered from the birthday-phobia. Its name basically originates by sitting in the metro that I am presently travelling in (Thank you) and it’s a condition in which the subject relatively starts to slow down and into a depression like mode a few weeks, days or even months before their birthday. It’s a very common happening these days with about 90 per cent of the people suffering from the same. The symptoms are very common- the person starts to slog here and there on being reminded of the ‘THE’ date, s/he starts to feel pukish on the very thought of being pointed about the ‘treat’ that’s supposed to be given, they do not feel comfortable socializing with people fearing the topic would be brought up again, with every other person they bump into or meet who’s excited for their birthday, well, it turns them down more. And though the list could go on and on, there won’t be any stopping and I would ultimately have a whole thesis of sorts with me pertaining to the very same phobia.
So what lead to this? Why is it so common in people? Whats lead to this mutual not-liking for the ‘THE’ date? Is this the start of a phenomenon? The birthphobia andolan? So basically this will lead to no more flowers shows? No surprises? No gift opening ceremonies hereafter? Would THIS probably be the reason why the candle industry’s at a loss? :O
The happenings compelled me to think deeper into this newly formed equation. I did a basic study of a few people and here are the conclusions why people have the birthphobia in them these days:

#1 the expectations poke: A person often expects to be treated like THE-ONLY-ONE on a day they can call their own. They wish to be chauffeured along, do all things special- a lunch in an expensive restaurant, a gift they’ve wished for long and well, in my case, a reserved metro seat.

#2 the friend request: They wish that they would be the first priority in the list of every fiends of theirs. Wanting a friend to tag along with them the entire day to places they see as important, they don’t see as important and well, just to PLACES even! And surely they won’t take a no from a friend to visit and stop by them that day.

#3 the notification surprise: An unexpected party, an unexpected friend, truck loads of gifts, a bunch of carnations or two, put in them an extra kilo of chocolates and a HUGE cake with a grand party- it could be anything from a few that I listed or maybe you could be well surprising me with some additions of your own- this does the trick! 😉

#4 the status update: Finally, the last bit- they want to always hear good and pretty things about themselves. There is a wish to be important in the lives of those who matter, about those who mean the world to them- it’s the little things that they’d do that would make them feel more delighted about the only very day they call their own.


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