Witchcraft and Wizardry?

I have always believed in Harry Potter and his films. As young as I was at the time the franchise started, that I can remember, I used to practice all these spells to see if they would work out and as I grew older, I wish they did. J.K.Rowling did a fabulous job in creating a mesmerising fantasy place that we all gave into. IT was a make-believe land but yet so believable that I remember I’d secretly pray to be found by Dumbledore and be taken away to Hogwarts, I’d pray I’d have my very own wand, a broomstick and travel in Hogwarts Express!

But that was when I was a kid, we all grow up.

Now that I did, yesterday, on my terrace I found this very old broomstick lying somewhere in the corner and the rest, well, its here for you to see 🙂


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