The randOm triP

A few weeks ago, I along with some other people went to the holy city of Haridwar for a work trip. It was a sudden out-of-the-blue decision and suddenly the next morning I found myself on the way to our destination. Its was a long road trip with us taking few breaks in the mid of it. The city is holy because of the fact that the divine river Ganges flows through it. Though there are other mythological stories behind it being called pious by the Hindus, the main reason remains the river’s presence.  The city houses some of the oldest temples and idols, caves, foliage/s etc. The architecture of the place is something that is really to look out for. At every step you notice a change- there is vernacular, the upcoming motels and hotels are design are a combination of modern with the vernacular, then there are some with complete modern look- there’s everything for everyone’s eyes. The city is shaded throughout with dense and thick trees small, big of every shape and kind.

The city is full of temples and places of worship

women offering to the river Ganga

What is offered are some flowers, a burnt incense stick crowded on a small bowl made of leaves

night view

Night view of the aarti place


Of the swift moving I am the wind, of all the weilders of weapons I am the Rama, of fishes the shark and of flowing rivers the river Ganga

The verse is sourced from The Bhagavad Gita verse 10


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