Sitting besides the lake wide, while I worked
She came out of nowhere and stood beside me sudden
I was alerted, I turned around to see
She stood, staring, not being more than two feet
She smiled, I smiled back
And then just suddenly we started to chat
I asked “where you from?” while I observed
She walks on the road bare feet
“Have my house down the street,
You turn down the corner and you’ll see me,
There’s a shed where we all be”
She smiles.
Says talks with misty eyes,
Staring into mine, deep
Is she searching for hope?
Her bag is stuffed with plastic bottles
So many of them that I throw everyday carelessly
“Where’d they come from? Why you have them?” I question timidly
“These? I collect them every day” answers she, innocently.
“My dad left years ago, my mum, sisters and me,
We work so that we get to eat, atleast one meal”
She’s still smiling, I’m a bit shocked
So much content I’d never seen in anyone since time long.
“what’s your name?” I try to force a smile
“Poonam” her eyes are beamed with joy unknown
“of what age might you be?” i ask instantly
“I don’t know. My mum never told me”
I was more than shocked on hearing that
“Still..put up a guess” that was so foolish of me!
She shook her head and bent it down
I realized what an idiot I was, and No, not even funny did it sound.
I searched my pockets and found some money
Handed it over to her, ”Keep them, that’s all I can give, forgive me”
She didn’t say a word but happily took it as it came
When I look back at it now, my head hangs down in shame
For what I did, an act so low
My mind reverts back arguing, what help could’ve been done and how!
Back, into time, her gaze never has left me
They way she thanked me, yet again so peacefully
I promised to return, she swung her head, nodding
And turned back to walk back into her life again
She walked on the road barefeet.


2 thoughts on “SHE

  1. I love the dialogue in the poem, a great mix between playful poetic and real life conversation. The internal rhyme scattered throughout works well too, giving the poem a tricky, bouncing cadence. Good piece.

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