Travel Buddies

I’m looking at her
Not for a second do I get her full
I peep in bits and pieces to catch her look
Her identity’s hidden with people moving to and fro
Eyes lined with thick mascara, hers
Give them a defined shape and highlight
One stare, she looks up
Its evident that she has cried
Her hands gripping a book tight
She pretends to read
Its seems fake, with the situation she seems in
Understanding things is hard to believe
Even with hair packed tight
Strands of hair fall onto her face
Her book’s still gripped tight
She nods them back to their face
Tears are running down sudden
Her eyelids overflowing and red
They’re lined with kajal black
She’s holding them back, thats understood
Her eyes scream for attention
A look at the board, mine’s the next station
Her image’s captured.
Those eyes, in my head they’re carved.
I got down of the train
As it left, I bid her adieu.


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