Constant <3

Because you are the constant thing
You never let me lose it
Your full of abuses sentences made me frown
And I don’t know how THAT look of yours still works
You made me smile
brightened my life with warm sunshine
won’t thank you for being the craziest
because thats what puts you apart form the rest
Days haven’t been as much fun before
These memoirs in my heart are forever stored.
Your hand you’ve always lent
picked me up, jumped everywhere and bent
Whatever was there, never let that affect
Only happiness and cheerful face is what you reflect
Miss little sunshine, may I you name?
With all that passed through, you still remained the same
The smallest wonder, I wonder how we met
You something in my life, I would never regret
The peace and calm you’ve blessed my life with
All those chitter chatter brightens me up, starting my day with a kick
And though my poem’s seeming to rhyme no more 😛
You’re reserved in my heart for sure.


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