You’re the World

I still remember the first time
Your fingers moving over
Me, you had tears
of joy, your eyes were numb
And full of life did you feel at the moment
Couldn’t do anything to make you realise
That my feel was no other different
Ecstatic, was how I felt to be here
Complete, did I feel when I got you.
You got me my first steps
You were my first breath
I breathe because you do
And there’s nothing more to say
Forever do I want you to stay.
Never really understood you, I’m sorry
I know, my mistake, my fault
A lot of time early should’ve I realised
That you’re only true
The only true being in my life
Who I cannot repay even I do a billion deeds good
Nothing bad, I cannot repay
I’m in debt for life, I am your slave
You’re the purest form of love
Not bounded by anything materialistic
Some time of our day’s only that you require
Taking all our tantrums, nothing gets you tired.
Do not know what I can present you with
My soul and heart is all that’s mine
And so, that’s what I offer to you- you’re close to Divine.
For me, my world starts and stops around you
I am there, because you are.
No words could ever explain
For how my heart you so with love fill
I promise to not repeat all mistakes
And hurt caused to you by me
You’re the light in my land
My heart overwhelmed, nothing to you can I express
My feelings, emotions all wrapped in my chest
You should know, ma, you mean the world
One day would bring on your face, that pretty smile.


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