Selfless Love

I sat by the window sill
crying out myself was all i did
I’d lost hope, I’d lost me
No more in life could I further see
I cursed, myself and God more
He’d been the only hope, for sure
A few drops of dust fell
from above, a mesmerising smell
From nowhere appeared a small fairy
Nothing movie-like, but scary
She smiled and crept near me
Big, beautiful eyes was what I could see
the most, notice, she was pretty
Than all fairies I could dream
More amazing than reality,
Yes, thats what she was really
Wiped my eyes, tears seemed to dissolve
on their own, my problems seemed solved
sudden. She started talking
“You’ve locked yourself why? Why been crying?”
Every word she spoke sounded like music
I couldn’t believe we were talking, I’d speak
But I did, “I loved him more than what you’d believe,
More than I could ever, ever heard or seen”
She smiled, whispered, “Life will go on,
I’d loved too, but now he’s gone”
A tear drop at the end of her eyelid
formed, she wiped it away, smiled.
“To love someone more than life
beyond what you posses
something that goes way ahead
of the life you think exists.
To let go off him was what you’d seeked
And now you’ve to be happy for him instead of being weak
I’m always here for you no matter what
Stop being sad and putting on yourself a curse
Smile” I smiled, unbelieving the impact she had on me
Suddenly I felt warm, a tension relieved
She kissed me on my forehead slow
Held me by my side, “I want to know.
No, promise, you’ll take care.
For everything else, I’ll be always there”
I nodded, “I leave you here with a memory sweet
I’ll come rushing to you everytime me you need
Just smile your fears away, you’ll always be loved
I’ll always have your back. You i’ll always support”
I smiled again. This time from the heart
Realised it was time to move on, get a new start
POOF! Into thin air she vanished
Left me with a sweet memory, as she’d promised.


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