The Unexpected Showers

The clouds hit the city
Dusty weather
Cloudy, the sun’s gone
The rain drops pouring down
Bit by bit,
Nothing like a shower
Trying to make the dust settle
Bathing the trees
Blessing the flowers
The sun’s hidden
Clouds have overtaken
IT rains pretty harsh
The sand’s wet now
Its smell
Envelops the surroundings
The trees
Their leaves shine now
New, fresh, glowing with merry
Children can be spotted
getting wet, jumping
The grown ups, the adults
Trying to save themselves
And some, well,
Trying to feel the rain
Dancing, smiling
their faces wet,
with every drop that hits
There’s this unknown excitement
A joy unknown
It feels as if the rain got out
from me, what I’d wanted long
I smile
No, not to anyone would it matter
But it gives me a start
To a life that I’d think had shattered
I take steps
Run towards
Holding my hand out
To the unexpected showers


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