While I walked slow on the street

I’m walking on a dimly lit street
As I pass you by, you see me
with those eyes, blinking, dreamy
And I smile back, going weak in my knees
Shh, I don’t whisper
For its quiet, you may hear
You cross the street
walking towards me slowly
Am transported back to the first time
I saw you,
my blush red cheeks I’m trying to hide
You start talking, I’m numb
nodding my head, your eyes have me stunned
The movement of your lips so smooth
I’m in awe of you
Not a word do I grasp
Only sweet violins playing in my head
You move close, a peck on my lips
You smile, your eyes staring at me, big
I stand there dumbstruck
There are no words I utter
And as you leave, with the dreamy walk again
I turn back smiling, blushing
For the warmth you leave me in
the now pouring cold rain.


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