It happens

It happens

You fall off great heights

Achieve new ones, but late

Before that curse your life

About being shameless, a disgrace.

It happens

Find a new love, you

Jump on the street with a smile big

Thinking, lost all days, nothing bothering

Everything in life seems to give a kick.

It happens

Fight with your best friend

Someone you love, someone who’s close

Don’t call, don’t get back

What hurt most was your ego.

It happens

Get what you’d been wanting

Hoping to achieve since time long

Finally it’s with you, it’s yours

It was for you always, always to you did it belong.

Things happen.

Life’s all about that

What’d count the most

Would be how you faced it and got it back.

No, not all songs rhyme

Never would the sun shine bright

What you’d love with all that happened, is that you

Never gave up on hope, never stepped down without a fight.


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