A sudden shower

The clutter of the drops is all I hear
The tyres of the vehicles splash as they move
An old man with a pitch high, shouts his throat out
People away from the sky try to hover.
There is stillness
the wind blows soft
felt in the movement of leaves
the trees stand still though
unmovable, rigid
the mesmerising smell of wet mud
fills the entire atmosphere

Shadows fill the roads and pavements
I can see them walk in dim lights, slow
Raindrops seen flickering through the bulbs
In a distance away, plays a faint radio
Distant sounds.
Raindrops against the window pane
Raindrops hitting again and again.

Small puddles of water
A faint light, it glows
Makes its way and comes a little close
Brightening the roads as it passes near
The beeping of horn, grumbling of motor
Passes my window by, smooth
Flashes a glare on the glass
And lightening the room, dissolves in shadows deep
I’m lost in my thoughts again
Back to the pitter-patter of rain.


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