A Lost Innocence #The Bespectacled Outlook

Walking on the street, passing her by
She looked at me with eyes hopeful, intense
Hopes dripping like honey, sweet
To be strong at the moment she pretends.
She hasn’t been to school in a while now
Has to do dishes at a house nearby
The clothes having worn out, hardly do they fit
Holding back her sadness she tries.
Her eyes speak so much
So much do they seem to reveal
She turns her back at me now
As her tears she tries to steal.
I make a move, she’s startled
“Hello”- I try to start up a conversation
“Nice earrings you have” she compliments shyly
There’s happiness and a certain innocence.
I bend down forward to sit
She sits next to me quietly
We start talking in a manner so friendly
Every answer she giving me obediently.
I derive what is it to not have what you want
How it feels to not get whatever you please
Just all that people throw at you, you accept
And a bit of whats a necessity.

No school, no friends
No books to read, no pen
No slippers, bare, pricked feet
Clothes so ill-fitted, too short even feel.
And when you cry none hears
None to come rushing to your call

Such innocence and childhood killed so early
I’m aggrieved, ashamed, appalled.
Can hear no more, I
stand up as beginning to leave
Turn back to look at the face of our ‘society’
An innocence they killed so early.
I take my earrings out, forwarding my hand to her
“Take these, you’ll look beautiful”
She with a smile so beaming and looking at me happily
“Don’t forget me, I’d always you remember.”

With tears in my eyes and a burning outrage
I start walking to ‘my world’- a brutal harsh reality.

Image courtesy: Himankur Kharbanda


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