A Closed Chapter

Like an arrow pierced through my heart
The wound so grave cannot be healed
You say you’re sorry and you mean it
So why is that I cannot feel any grief?
Everything backfires
Erupts like firework in colors new
Not even an iota of difference did it make to you
When you left me drowning in the street
Everything becomes a blur
Head spins bad, as I fall on the floor
Crying the pain I kept in me
Today me eyes are shedding blood
And then you come back like the summer wind
Apologise, as if everything ceased to ever have happened
Everything back to normal do you want
There is no guilt in you, neither do you plead
I’ve moved on and firm am I on my decision today
The times I lost for you and all the breaths that I spared
A joke they seem to me, as if nothing was true
The images of the pain and cry haunted me
Now times are different, I hold the key
To the door that I locked the day you left carelessly
And open do I not want to again
Because all that’s stored in there is painful
All that it’ll give us would be pain
So I leave this book to end the credits
Never wanting the pages to turn again
To make the sadness of the heart to go away
The chapter’s closed.


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