The Ring

It all started in the summer of 2010 when they were best friends. She meant the world to him and he, the life for her. Even during times they’d had a fight, they’d die for each other. Never were they apart, she held his hands in his times of despair and he glued to her when she would be facing the toughest of challenges. They had a place in each others’ life where none could intrigue, they kept that private place for each other. This was a kind of relation like no other. He started liking someone and before it occurred to him, she went out to propose her for him. His proposal got rejected. For some reason he wasn’t deterred, he had her. She held him all through and it wasn’t well before the summer of 2010 when he proposed to her. She was all taken aback but like fate wanted they were meant to be together and together they were, now. It had officially begun. That era of happiness, the time when I saw how selfless one can be for the other person, the time when I realised how it feels to love the other person, the purity you can have in your relationship, the only time when I saw someone trust their lives so much with each other. Everything was smooth. They’d go for movies, kicked each other in public, made each other’ lives miserable but clung onto each other, held each other all the more tighter when times were rough. There was none like them, they were glued for life. There was none like them, none could’ve been like them. Then there was the day. The THE day of their lives- they exchanged rings. It was a very secretive thing that they did, but they did do it. It was the happiest moment in their lives as well as the close knit people they had. She was way too happy would be an understatement. Ecstatic would be the word, this entire moment defined their lives now, it gave the entire relationship a leap forward. It was celebration time, it was huge! the celebration was a huge in terms of the impact it had on our minds and hearts alike. Some more days and she turned him down- only few words and the entire institution that they had built came crashing down. The impact devastated him and her more than that could’ve been thought of, hearts got shattered and expectations smashed into pieces. Pieces that couldn’t be solved or joined. The same fate and love that brought them together put them in a situation that questioned the very idea of what they’d felt in the first place. Love lost. She had nothing to say and he was too broken to comprehend. They parted ways- my he and her. And since then, the hearts haven’t been what they were.

Too hard to realise
What was lost and is found
Too disturbed to analyse
Whether that smile would still be around.
Our love was pure
It had the innocence of a new born
We’d never been sure
Of what in our life was about to arrive.
We tried to revive, realise, repeat
What we’d felt what I’d felt for you
But everytime I got turned down by a bittersweet defeat
Life to me became suddenly rude.
I have collected some pieces
That I found in our lost memories
That way we had travelled sometime back together
The same way that now treats us coldly.
I’d promised to love you and deep down I know
I’ll continue to do it whatever may happen or through whatever I go
I have your heart in me still
And what remains close to me more than you
Is what was to symbolise our love
The ring


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