Ups!de Down

Sticking my head out of the drive
I try to do something different
Be someone different
As I lie upside down.
The trees seem to have a different crown
A gush of wind blows my hair off and away
I can feel the vibrancy in the atmosphere
As I stuck upside down.
Uncounted cable wires run along
The fields even in dark make a serene landscape
Jerks and bumps make the ride all the more fun
As my head upside down lay.
There’s mist a suspense around
As we enter a different air
I wave my hands out and about
And scream for none would care.
Upside down is how life is
Just now that it different seems
All worries forgotten, no cries, despair
It bursts open new avenues.
I smile all along, I dance all the way
laying upside down makes me smile like a kid
Those times that were gone, that childhood lost
All seems to be reunited, laying upside down.


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