Kohl highlighted eyes

An uncombed swarm of hair falls on her face
Stashing them back of her ear with blind care perfected with grace
Her big and Kohl highlighted eyes
Look up at me startled as I trip on the ground
She leaves her work and comes rushing
I’m lying down without caring or crying
Maybe its because of the burden I’ve carrying around for a while now
She looks down at me
The rays of sun glistening from behind her
Only add to her look- so angelic!
Her lips form some words i don’t recognise
Maybe I’m passing out, I feel dizzy in my head
(And eventually I do! )
The next time my eyes open I cannot recall
Neither any incident nor a fall
*my head hurts a little though
She’s seated right next to me
The pretty Kohl eyed girl
She takes my care, as if I were her own
Makes sure I’m alright
Makes sure she’s always by my side
We get talking, realise we’re so similar
Hit it off so bad as if we’d been together all this while
With the days and months and years passing by
The relation only blossoms like none other
A terrible tragedy strikes
my friend is shredded to pieces
I’m there for her but I see her break
It breaks me more to see her cry everyday
Wouldn’t sleep, wouldn’t eat
She trips, she falls, the burden only grows strong
I catch her the way she once had caught me
Take her care
Make sure she’s alright
Make sure I’m always by her side
Gradually she starts to rise
She learns to walk again and smile
But I realise its a different her
She hasn’t risen to the right part of reality
Isn’t walking on the correct path, how fake is that smile!
She’s bursting into flames each day
Rising into smoke of an unwanted kind
It hurts me so much, she’s unhappy and frail
It seems somehow somewhere I’ve  failed
But we continue to stick like nothing has been described
No change parts us not even the worst kind
Today after a long time we meet
Talk like forever and eat!
And after a while she drifts off to sleep
And while she sleeps, she smiles
And frowns a bit with a little of a pout
And in those times of expression I realise
I guess I saw a glimpse of a friend I had missed for a long time.


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