Finding Us.

All love the world, somewhere,deep down in some teeny tiny place of our heart, everyone is hurt. Everyone carries some kind of brokenness- a girl who never got to meet her mom, a guy selling drugs begin still in his teenage just to sustain his family, a married lady, but not to the man of her dreams, a man who, the first time carried his baby daughter was for her cremation ceremony.
So even when our hearts are broken, promises unfulfilled, a story incomplete we remain, we survive. Even at the worst points that seem as if choking us, we make it to witness the next sunrise.
So what is it that keeps us going? How do most of us manage to live through those haunting memories?
An answer I hope to find, an answer that feels as if I’ve been seeking for centuries now.
Maybe seeking these answers we might find ourselves, a way to make these memories keep us moving forward instead of breaking us down.
Maybe all questions lead to one answer finding yourself. And maybe someday, while walking on an unknown street, sitting with a bunch of friends or working alone late at night in our office cabin, we might realise- we found ourselves, through those emotions and memories.


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