I saw two pieces of a heart unite

I saw two pieces of a heart unite
I saw the legs of an elephant join to its body
I saw a dragon stretch out from its deep slumber, still lazy
And float
Right above me
Into a mysterious world
Where it could be what it wished for
Without bounds and preconceived notions
Of what it was meant to be
I saw a pig lie above the crocodile
Dancing upon its scales, it seemed so happy
and mind did the latter not
I saw a boy and a girl
Splash on clouds with dancing feet
They were followed, soon with crowded mass
Merging together
Scattering without conflicts
I stood under their plays
I stood in awe of their beauty
And their magic
Dispersing and then uniting again
This child’s game
Lead me to sleep last night
And I’d never been a happier man.


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