I’m not good with words and worse with expressing. But, I’ll try.
We all are searching for something, someone special. We try to search for dots, squares- shapes that are our similar kinds. We fall innumerable times and sometimes that leaves us questioning our faith, our beliefs, our potential- overall, maybe ourselves. And we stop trying. A hand reaches out to us. That hand stands with you, for you, some times even slaps you while you’re losing yourself again. It hugs you, comforts you in those lonely winter nights and feels the raindrops falling upon its palm through the grills of the window. It guides you, pointing out like a signage and it never fails you. That one person guides you, holds you, loves you for no reason comprehensive whatsoever. They make you look at yourself with hope, with love.
And more than some times, we fail to realise that while we were busy searching for more than something that’s ordinary love, that love had been standing beside us all this while and maybe, more.


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