Through winds and time

I passed through a row of blinding lights
A rush of adrenaline, that feel of the wind. The cool breeze that stung my eyes.
I could feel the water filling up my eyelids. But it was too powerful, that feel, the rush. Powerful enough to close my eyes. Fight with the over brimming water and keep my eyes from closing.
The street lights kept moving along. A fixed pattern on the head board. Lighting. Then darkening. A definite pattern. I could hear the songs playing, somehow managing to catch up with the roar of vehicular engines outside. The trucks were definitely ruling the scene.
I could click a million pictures right now. But something, the charm of the moment kept me from doing so. And it felt right to just be in the moment. I know that these songs would remind me of this very moment some time, somewhere in the future, wherever I might be. If I ever happen to walk on these roads again, I’d think of the first time I was here, with the amazing people that I was and the never forgetting time I had with them.


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