‘Apki beti hui hai’ //You’ve been blessed with a daughter

I wanted to scream
I wanted to cry
Question my mother why
The same question she’s been struggling with everyday
Why a girl child?
Why an insecurity?

Lately there has been an increase in the number of rape cases and eve teasing in the worst forms all over the country. There have been things coming to light which no one really thought existed/ could happen . or maybe they were happening behind closed doors. I’m not here to present a report or put up a statistical diagram.
I’m here to vent out my anger. Vent out all the frustration inside of me. Because I’m a girl. Yesterday a friend of mine sent me the Shehnaz’s letter article and I thought it was something that had to be done. It is time we speak up.
Recently the Uber cab service was banned. I ask, why? Because it was a different concept? Because it was something that was making sense and actually helping some people? No. It was because some psycho couldn’t control his hormones. Because ONE person decided to offend the FIRST rule of humanity- touching a person without their consent.
Banning cab services, putting time limits on a girl, telling her not to go to certain places and the likes, you think THAT solves the problem? Then I’d like to put forth a humble suggestion, ban the usage of roads. More than 90% of rapes happen on the roads every single day. Eve teasing, looking at girls at the most filthiest and dirtiest of ways, yes I categorise all of this as rape. You’re raping her of her comfort on her own skin, you’re raping her off her dignity. Next you’ll put the blame on her clothes? That provoked you? Dude, did she have a “SEX FOR FREE” or an “OPEN TO BEING TOUCHED OR STARED AT” tattoo on her forehead? No, right? YOU couldn’t handle your hormones, YOU couldn’t be human and so YOU should be ashamed. Not her, not her parents, not her friends. No one but YOU.
And I don’t understand how these people wake up every morning after having offended humanity in the worst way possible? How do you get the courage to look at yourself in the mirror?
More than half times, we(girls) are TOLD(not asked) to shut up and not raise our voice(s) because the world isn’t a nice place and they’re watching.
But till when, is the question.


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