I’m tired
Of counting the endless cigarette butts
That lie on the floor
I collect them one by one
To make sure I’ve collected enough poison
That’ll burn me down
Crush my heart into ashes
I’m tired because I don’t know what I did so wrong
What I did to deserve these heinous replies
The unending smoky breaths
That cloud between us,
They’re engulfing what was once beautifully ours
To keep and hold
I’m letting go off of you tonight, though
I’m letting the clouds fly you away from me
I’m letting the smog of whatever we had
Suck us inside of reality
Bringing us back to where we started
Because it was better not knowing you
It felt better to breathe without this fire of hate
And love craze
Burning inside of me,
Every moment
So I’m letting you go
With the hope
That some day when we’re at crossroads
You’ll be full of oxygen
Helping another
To breathe again.


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