A Piece.

A piece of cake.
Hot melted chocolate syrup and a scoop of ice cream on the sides.

A piece of me.
I found that in people and connected with them over in different ways

A piece of memory.
It once haunted me to go back in time for I was afraid of opening doors I’d closed hard. Once I opened them again, it doesn’t seem so bad now.

A piece of stuffed cheese pizza.
Do hell with a piece, I want the entire thing! Make it large please?

Pisces ♓
I kind of connect with these people. But its an explosive relation, if I get to be in one with a person from this sun sign. *read: Ma*

A piece of puzzle
I remember as a kid I used to be so careful to not even lose a single one else I’d throw the entire puzzle away.

A piece of paper
They used to make paper boats and birthday hats out of it together when young. Now these two brothers can’t get enough fighting over it.


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