With Love.

I thank the Lord
I praise the Lord
Forgive me if I did something wrong
It wasn’t my intention
Kept everyone in good positions
Forgive me if I was unjust
My dear lovely children
You’ve been better than the best
Always there in my happy times
More so in my distress
And my grandchildren, with all my heart
Best wishes for your future
May you grow up to be reflections
Just like your parents
They’ve been too kind
To my dear wife
My sole walking stick in dark nights
You’ve been my eternal love,
My partner, my sunshine
My body might be away, but you’ll always have control
My heart is forever yours, I’ll guide you with my soul
And with each morning, in the rays I shall emerge
Sieve through the moon, when it turns night
There is hope, for our love
There is hope
See you on the other side.


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