A Euphonic Eulogy

It always comes back to us,
a certain you and I
moving, in between us,
stillness containing silence, 
what appears to be a melody
we don’t understand,
its hard to decipher
the graph of the frequencies
the crests and the lows
we pitched for dreams
resulting in shrill silence
confused, we hold our cards
a sonogram, only going down 
broken threads,
we thought certain vibrations in air 
between us
could wire the distances
that now seem unconquerable.

Under bright lit metropolises
rewind the sea back to where it trickled 
drop by drop, holding firm its viscosity
back to the mountains
what a pity
we knew from the start, you and I
(after having taken appropriate notes)
swimming back across waters,
as thick as held between us,
in troughs as deep and heavy,
we hold so proudly,
we could never had had an orchestra,
all that we were,
bells broken off a trinket
pretending to chime together
producing all but a cacophony.


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