Dear Mandela.

I have never swung through so many doors before, checking in and out of hotels and airports, breathing in covers all white, savouring so many palettes in a day’s time itself, new faces on the rise and setting in the dawn of this journey which I will always hold close to my heart. #DearMandela, a movie that I have watched at least five times in a row, every day, it still wells me up in the end. I’m more than humbled to be a part of this movement where I’ve gotten to know so many people, heard their stories over countless numbers of chai. I know now what makes people feel so fondly about chai, the place you’re sitting at, the heating conversations that only calm down when either you clink the glasses over shared opinions or raise them to settle your point. The hope which you see twinkling in the eyes, the warmth in their handshakes, the familiarity in their hugs and when they smile with the assurance of the difference that your presence made, there in that moment you know that all of the sleepless nights and days and running was worth




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