I’m the exhibition tonight.

I know you watch me,
standing afar, eyes
as you start to march over
towards me (I know)
however slow,
but ready to take control
when you stop

oh she catches your fancy

a few dabs here
a streak of color there
running down like a waterfall
I thought you’d have a better taste
after what we had been
slow and reluctant
yet again,
your eyes turn at me
as if searching for a lost pearl
in the depths of your eyes
ocean blue and green

there you go, once more
faltering a bit
unsure, you make your way towards
her- frozen in Gothic times
eyes shadowing secrets of the past
mist, mystery, myth
you stand there, intrigued

While a hand moves forth to touch me
feel the contours, I
cannot go back now, I
have felt too much, I
have felt your breath and touch
your gaze
on me,
nights after nights after nights
the days, so long
when I longed,
for you to return.

Memory flashes,
you catch me, sudden,
naked, barren
come running towards me
your steps take the better of you
somehow a faint smile
you recognise
me, us.

From the pile of your memories in dust
And I, your muse wrapped in canvas.


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