Strolling around Dilli or actually any place for that matter is something that I really like doing. And its a plus point if I happen to be somewhere where I don’t recognise anyone and vice versa. Taking a few turns here and there led us to a lane where there are many shops which people have started from their own houses. We saw offices being operated from ground floor rooms too. Everyone was busy in either discussions or dealing with customers. People seemed to be so comfortable around each other. My friend and I have noticed how people dry their clothes on clothing lines stretched from one point to the other and they aren’t necessary within the boundaries of their houses. They are present on maybe a vacant space just across the roads or tucked between the fence surrounding the public park. And no one can spot a person guarding their belongings per say. It’s just fluttering and sun bathing in the open, the clothes. It’s been so long that I came across such familiarities and a comfort zone where people aren’t hesitant to mingle with each other. A space where they are comfortable in showing their skins synonymous to their clothes. And they don’t have trust issues. It is so refreshing to see after so long, humans living finally in solitude with their own.


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