Having grown up in the city, sometimes all it takes is a stranger’s perspective to get you to look at the place once again. I had been feeling unrest and agitated in this city for some time now. It isn’t only about the political happenings, no. Its been there for a year or maybe two for now. It’s the feeling you get when you have had too much of being in the same space and amongst familiar faces. But that changed today. I got talking to a person who had just arrived in the city a few hours back this morning and the way she talked about the city was magical. It was almost as if a child had come to witness this dreamland, which they had been reading and hearing about since their childhood. She couldn’t stop gushing about it- the hustle, the people, the culture, the continuity and the stagnancy. Every word and every event that floated in the air like sound ripples charmed me. And I blushed with pride and a love of getting back to my favorite space again.


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