How frivolous are human lives; all that we can ever do with them is make memories. We cannot save them, we cannot freeze time, we cannot bind them on our wrists like convenient bands, we cannot compile them into sand castles. We wish we could hold onto them a little longer; few minutes more, a few more seconds.
We try to save so much, lives and bodies which aren’t immortal. For a few moments we forget that we cannot carry these walks with a certain person forever, that one day it will have to end, all this; the colours, the conversations, the physical presence.
And that one day, all that we would feel, after our people depart, one by one, is a physical numbness, a cold spot and a void that we wish and work on with all our strength and might to fill all our lives. Maybe, what we can do, though, amidst all this, would be to keep intact that little ray of warmth of the moments that were spent together, kept inside in a corner of our heart and think of them time and again as happy memories.


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