Camera Obscura.


What is the last thing that might flash
one last time before you close your eyes
before it becomes too much for your lungs
to breathe and breathe out
the life they had been containing in themselves
Rummaging through the box
of happy and hard moments
you carried in you;
lined in silver halide
which is the first moment or face
that flashes before you?

Is it the way your mother smiled
or the line of pearls your lover wore
or the way you spilled your coffee
that helped make the first conversation with your future best friend?
there might be others that I wouldn’t know
like the touch the linen wrapped bodies produce
the taste of salt, do you taste
which the waves of the ocean brought in for you
or the face of a stranger
belonging to a place far in the hills
waving, as you pass by them
strands of hair over your face and grass, on theirs;

Picture a picture
you standing facing a huge box
black box;
big black box
and then you peep through this hole
one last time
an amalgamation of words and patterns
a movie preview at the speed of light
your movie preview
breaking through all the coils
one last breath.

What did you see?


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