If only poetry could do to you
What it does to me
We could speak
Without words interrupting our flow
The gem hidden in a sea shell
Reaching through crevices
Upturned legacies
A place where neither technology
Nor the gusts of wind
Carrying with it rain and clouds
Hiding layers and layers below

If only you and I could walk
Like some people before us have
With poetry 
Searching in its definition 
Their meanings, the words to their silence
Phrased to end or begin with,
A conversation, eulogy or provoke
Debates stirring decisions
How marvellous would it be
To find peace to our questions
As we turned the pages
Leading to the next prose

If only we could walk
Travel, be at two places at the same time
Like the people who’ve come before
Graze across fields, 
Trek through mountains lush green
Or maybe covered in snow, barren 
Some patches where the sheep eat more
The answer comes to me
Turning pages one after another,
Sitting in her dimly lit room,
Hiding from either her father, mother,
Brothers and husbands seem to follow
Relations innumerable,
None to encourage,

Wouldn’t it be nice to go back
And forth and forward
To the see what the future looks like,
Smells like, feels,
Grains and colors of papers
Scattered and leading from one poem
To another-

If only you could understand 
Poetry laid the foundations of humanity.


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