I’ve had my spring, summer
the winter seems to catch on
every day, another cell burns
I have been eyeing
the guy who sits below
he makes bubbles come to life
brown bubbles
breathing bubbles
he plays with them,
its magic, to witness this every day
he gives people bubbles
in white packets;
they come to him every day
some familiar faces
some seeking to derive happiness
through bubbles

i know my end is near
every day, another cell
its a lost battle

I plan it out
in my head,
since spring and winter are eclipsing
the wind from the north
will be strong; it will be enough
I angle myself
in a certain way
in a certain place;

There comes the wind.

I want the bubbles too
I have felt magic always
And even when I turn from green to brown
And dryness conquers my gloss
I will not resist
I was always aware of this
It is better to accept than fight back, right?

The wind wasn’t strong. Not enough.

But is it enough?
Is it ever enough, what we feel
And what we want to achieve?
I want bubbles
It seems magic to me
Who doesn’t like magic?

Before the wind this time
I break off all my ties
To achieve something, I’ll have to work
Wouldn’t I?

The wind took me down.

I fell right next to the bubble vessel
I see a hand move
above me, various gestures and faces
All move synchronously

My insides weep
Had I not tried enough?
Not enough.

Just then,

Some bubbles drop over me
Sweet and strong
Flowing; a mixture of tastes
Flavorsome; an orchestra of smells

A foot crushes me.


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