What love is-
love is a fight
why should that be the way to begin this?
when i can roses,
throw- at the mention
of you, i can whisper
and blush and push my hair
aside while i wait to get
my gaze back on you.
love is a fight

the harder i push you
away, it seems we tend to hold on
more, every day a recurring battle
recurring battles for us
and us alone, we don’t have to
care- we both feel bound
by this unrequited, intangible
graph that goes down and
up, unpredictable
between the two of us
our emotions, so strong
and fierce,

so we fight;
we fight to stay together
while one pushes away, the other
holds on
life goes on,
we’re two fish
swimming in a bowl
pensive emotions, getting the better
of us, we always seem to come back
come back to that, that
we have between the two of us
and the two of us alone
square one,
level zero,
point of origin,


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