Il miglior fabbro

Closure will come
it will sink in
all of this
this too shall pass
nothing remains for ever
every thing has to end
we are all mortals
every breath you take is gold
every day is a new day
rise and shine
she is always going to be there for you/with you
the things you love, you keep them in your heart
everything goes away, only the memory remains
this life is nothing but a mere way to fool your heart
do you really belive in the existence of our existence?

it all came back to me
it all kept echoing in my head for the longest of times
was it true? why wasn’t i dreaming this time?
this life that had been half a dream
dreaming about could have beens and wanting things to be 
a certain way, in a certain place with
a certain somebody
so why wasn’t i dreaming this dream anymore?
a nightmare.

it comes back-
decorated with icing and frost
smeared with my kohl lying somewhere (i don’t even remember where i dumped it last)
it’s mazes’ juxtaposition gets me lost
in my head, my heart seems to be in no good place
please-go away- leave me alone
let me breathe, please, i need some space
they’re lurking as ghosts spitting venom
shades of colors melt from their mouths, but why so dark?
is, what i say, too hard to comprehend?
i haven’t written a love poem
hate poetry, amateur- felt like a novice
in too long, when did i grow up?
there is so much to say
say the words lined with and hidden between lines
tell them how you feel-
but say it in the most abrupt of ways
abrupt and apt- whisper your feelings
think through your feelings; give feelings to your thought

Eliot, Eliot, Eliot, Oh Eliot- il miglior fabbro-
This life, a wasteland with a love song no more,
il miglior fabbro-
tu sei il migliore fabbro per me
And now you don’t exist anymore.


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