Part of a series the length of which is unknown.

Inspired by #Tumblr and a lot of packed emotions within; it’s funny how embracing emotions and reality through combined forms and strokes of lines has become more expressive than the actual words that once everyone around me thought I was good with.

When I was admitted to a Montessori preschool, I remember my mother telling me how the teacher praised me for all that I was exhibiting except for one thing: I talked a lot. My mother was confused, she thought the teacher was mistaken. Over the years, through my report cards, she would realise how things were turning out to be- I would be the most talkative person in any class of any batch.

It all comes back and you wouldn’t believe. The triggers. How it hits you but you cannot control, you cannot comprehend before it sucks you in a whirlpool of breathless atmosphere and leaves you absolutely devastated.

Sometimes meeting people isnt a task- especially when they’re family. A heated and very detailed discussion led to us talking about depression and the various forms of it, what triggers it and the different coping mechanisms of and for the same. Between us, a psychology student, an artist and I, we tried to discuss and ‘define’ what depression meant to each of us. I put the word, define, in inverted commas because it is something which is objective and not a disease.


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