I have been having this sudden feeling lately, the sudden rush. Sometimes to do things and the others, well I like to be alone, go to places like a wanderer. Not that anyone allows me to, but I feel like having this mould around me which I want to break. All these rules, they seem so indifferent to me. It seems that this part of me always existed, like it had longed to come out since time eternity, and sadly or gladly, it is. Today’s one of those few days when I wish to be alone, wander, discover, feel, realise, love, hate, pain, anger- everything. Everything that comes out or can come out. I do not sleep at nights, sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. Maybe I’m over-reacting or maybe I’m just letting it go. Whatever it is, its affecting me and the people around me. And the best I don’t even know


2 thoughts on “INSOMNIA

  1. Strangely I’m writing a series of poems named Insomnia as well and it is also divided into four parts, the last poem in the series is yet to be published though.
    Being an insomniac from my early years, I’m still trying to overcome the grasp that the sleepless nights have over me. I wish you luck in your struggle against them if you are still haunted by them as I am.

    • That’s nice! Thank you for sharing that, I’ll check them out πŸ™‚
      Insomnia isn’t something, I feel, that diminishes so soon. I wish you all the luck for yours too.

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