Insomnia #4

It was a bright afternoon when we woke up. He drew the curtains while I snuggled still in the cosy covers. He jumped on the bed, flipped open the covers and digging his fingers into me, started tickling me. That woke me up, yes that surely did. I commanded him to stop which only fuelled him further to carry it on making me scream pathetically. My eyes were now filled with water, not tears, but because I’d laughed so much like I hadn’t in infinite years. The more I tried to pull myself away from, the more he’d pull me back and grip me tighter only to tickle me all the more harder. I lost it. I threw a pillow on his mouth-in between us and a sudden adrenaline rush, he tore it. And BAAAAMMM! Cotton-feather-cotton- this was exactly the way things were spread around all over the place now. I looked at him and he looked back and with a wink of his I understood all that was running through his mind now. I grabbed a pillow and in a fit what started now was the pillow fight- I don’t remember for how long we fought that ways but I remember us falling to the bed and kissing for a while and talking. I was interrupted by a person who wanted to check my ticket-TC- I opened my bag only to make way for used and wet tissues before finally handing him the ticket for checking. He nodded plain and left. My train was making way to a place that even I hadn’t heard of before, just read in the stories that he called fiction.


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