The most exciting things about being in my course is that we get to travel a lot.
and exploring.
and playing around clicking photographs.people.places.
ABSOLUTE lovable things!=D
So last year we had our first trip.which i call..
trr.rrr.*drums rolling.*tadadadrrrr.rhhh.*more drums..*Annnnnnnnnnnnnnndd. THE.THE TRIP
maybe because this was my very FIRST stay.away from my home.the people i know.the places i already seen.and lots of other things indescribable.. So when it happened.I was SO OBVIOUSLY FILLED with things..and when i say FILLED in BOLD. i mean a LOT of it! everything that happened.occurred.was life changing at that time. the groups we left with are not the ones we returned with.the people i’d never hoped.umm.not exactly hoped.but imagined myself talking to.are the great buddies i got now! the things i’d never really expected to happen.happened! all those plans.vows.CHANGED.
and they changed me and the way i short SO MUCH changed!
we went to Jaisalmer.and. Jdohpur. they’re not exc=actly cities.but bigger towns. located in Rajasthan, India. They’re quite popular with the tourists who visit India. They have a lot of palaces and make a great place for architectural study.and thats why WE went.! there.
So our first destinations was Jaisalmer. where we spent most part of our trip. getting tanned in faces.sun sucking up all our energy. BUT. the travel was good.with all of doodling.juggling between train berths.up and down.swinging.around.the people.train berths.
the berths that took our load.=P

we passed through sandstone quarries like these.before finally making it to the Jaisalmer Railway station.

and.some more..

clicking within the barriers

when suddenly i decide to break the moulds..break away.get up and out.and take some beautiful memories along with me..for times and days to come..

the moring sun shining in all its glory

the houses filled me with nostalgia..i was missing my abode..ALREADY!!

but i breathed the new sun..and soaked all that this morning had to give me.

this picture quite completes my train journey..transporting me back to where i was at that time,.its cliche.but umm.thats how i would sum it up. (=


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