Travelling in the Metro

Travelling in the city has become less cumbersome with the metro connecting each and every part of the city quite effectively. Though there are still so many areas that are yet to get connected with each other, but the change has begun 🙂

Also another interesting feature of the Delhi metro apparently comes the introduction of a compartment meant ONLY for *supposedly ladies.

Its one of the most effective mediums for travel for many of the city people and while there are additions to the already thousand people using it everyday, there are some regular commuters (like myself) who cannot help but notice funny and one-of-a-kind things going inside the ladies’ compartment. Some like the following which are the regular happening types 😛

#1 You know the announcements being made for the next station. All eyes geared up..a sweat trickles down..who will be the next.. anticipation.. every move feels like being counted..ready.set.HAAALT! Four-five aunties-cum-ladies will rush to get one seat! Aaand we have a winner who snorts and gives a you-shoudn’t-have-even-TRIED expression to all.

#2 Even while seated, twenty eyes stare you like scavengers ready to pound on you the moment you get up from your seat!

#3 The moment the metro would stop.doors open —> enter new ‘victims’ of eye-spotting. The eyes around you buzz with their comments checking you out from head to toe. From your bags to earrings to the color of your nail paint! Nothing seems spared!

#4 The shameless types. You know they’re looking at you and just when you direct your eyes to them, they turn theirs away. They keep staring at you till you finally jump off the metro or maybe doze off to sleep.

#5 The pretenders. The ones who pretend that you don’t exist *certainly for them and in around the world. They feel satisfied with their own little ‘aura’ of theirs.

#6 The too much busy types. The ones who keep texting and calling and with their own little phone-flaunting going on, the world around hardly exist. They’re the harmless creatures around.

#7 The ones talking through eyes. Some of them you’d actually be able to catch hold of their stare for a while and then left wondering whether all those expressions they made that while meant good or bad.

#8 The encroacher. They’ll tell you to shift and sit in an area which seems to double every passing second and within flat 30 seconds you’d be the one standing and clinging on that pole with a straight face smiley sort of an expression.

#9 The fighter. The ones that realise that their area is being encroached upon by the lady who wanted to the others to ‘adjust’. She fights for her space and ultimately wins while the ‘adjusted’ lady is clinging on for her life but is too embarrassed to stand up now.

#10 The pole cling-err. This is someone who’ll cling onto the pole the entire time of her trip and refuses to back down and apart from her ‘dearest’ pole to make some space for you to grab hold of it.

These are just a ‘few’, trust me, very few of the types of people and instances I notice. There are just so many additions I travel, ranging from funny stares of the aunties to the oh-so-cautious ones of the ‘ladies’ and they’re entertaining in their own little ways. Sometimes things get a little over-the top. But then how does it matter till the time we get to reach where we want for a undercharged cost and fairly good facilities 😉


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