Where are those sleepless nights
when we talked all the while
about how you loved and how I loved
How our love was pure and true

Where are those dreamy nights
When you whispered in my ear
and pulled me close to feel each breath
what ruled was smiles and cheers

So what pulled you off? What turned me down?
Why things in life have been turning around?
I know there’s love- you know there’s love
So why don’t you take my hand

And pull me away to paradise
where only dreams come true in strong daylight
And we’re closer as ever we’ve been
There’s no love to lose, no pain no grief.

There’s no paradise, I wake up to see
to find myself alone in the bed where you and me
snuggled up each night, yes you were there
The day before I hugged and slept in your arms

I woke up to despair,
my eyes feel numb and dry
Tears don’t come out soon,
they feel so lost and shy

I look around, there’s no sign
no clue that you’ve left-its no joke there
I’m left astonished and heartbroken thats when I realise
You’ve disappeared into thin air

I crave for your touch,
I miss the feel and smell
I crave for every part that touched me
my eyes are now all tear swelled

I’m still hanging around the same place
with the hope that you might come some day
sweep me off my feet in your arms
Love me, if not more but the same way.


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