Forts, Photography & Love!

That photography class was the most talked about, why would it not be- we got our FIRST photography assignment! Each group got different places to cover, some got Lodhi, some temples, some had to cover the ongoing Surajkund Mela and ours, we got to cover the forts of Delhi. We were ecstatic! Not because we were going to have infinite fun and travel but because, well, it was our first 😛 So the very next day we were all set to leave and have ‘fun.’ We got in the car, fastened our seatbelts and, wait! Did I say we were set to leave? Leave where? We were as clueless as one could be. Though we knew the names of the forts and the place they situated in, but apparently that was it. Even the people of that particular area seemed as clueless as we were, well, we’d done our research part but then that too made no sense. Funnily, even Google wasn’t able to exactly locate them in its maps. For shame Google Maps, for shame.

So, anyways, we still were on the roads trying our best to figure out what could possibly be done when we met with the most infamous part of Delhi- its traffic! Though the season was supposed to be winters but apparently that very particular day the sun was in full bloom making it hot and irritating. Some perky incidents kept us in light mood though, like the part where I would ask a person for directions and then when he couldn’t tell us the place he would stand near the car (near MY window!) and would start up a conversation about the place and where it could ‘possibly’ be. Or the one where we asked an auto wale bhaiyya for directions and he instead offered us to take us in his rickshaw while we sat in the car confused. The day, we realized, was going to be full of confusions but what was bothering us the most was whether we would be able to make it to our destination or not. Tension in the air? Not really. We kept going round and round the same place- some people telling us to go east and the others telling us the EXACT opposite! Finally, a savior auto person who took us there- the Siri Fort, our very first place to cover. We were all so excited and jumping and hugging each other (the hugging part happened because we were squeezed in the auto, where all that was possible was to hug the person!)- and we reached. We reached. Oh wait, WE REACHED! God! Where was the place? It was so small! Was this a joke? We were laughing- at ourselves. Nonetheless we covered it (as if!). we climbed over it, suspected the person showing us around to be a spirit himself, tried not stepping over the graves there, freaked out at every voice that we heard, made the other person listen to stories that freaked the hell out of him BUT we covered it.

Next on our list was the Hauz Khaas Fort.
Now here an important intimation- Hauz Khaas Fort is SAME as the Hauz Khaas Village. Believe me, it took us years to realize it and finally, it made us feel stupid about it. It had to happen again, the dreaded auto ride where we were deciding on who would sit on whom and compromise space. Having done that, we bumped our way to the place. There, we got on the task to cover it as well. Although what we were doing at the moment was cover each other! Making funny poses, expressions, dancing all around- that’s what we did and we enjoyed it. We felt so over-worked and this was the best way that got us back rejuvenated. We took some photos there as well and we were done for the day. While we turned back to leave, the setting sun and the ultra romantic atmosphere ended the day almost perfectly.


2 thoughts on “Forts, Photography & Love!

    • Greetings!

      I wouldn’t exactly say this is what it is. I wrote this blog in reference to a trip our college took us to. You could check out the rest of the blog to check out other things because this isn’t just what I’m using 🙂

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