Silent Dance

The slow dances of you and me

the way your arms turn around my waist

and wrap us together closely.

I hear each heart beat of yours

as I place my head on your chest

quietness.stillness surrounds us

that moment binds us

in an unknown. unfelt. unique bond

that I never experienced

never of such things I’d ever thought of

As we swing together still wrapped

in beats that close the moment forward we leap

its cute,, the way you try to pull out

making lame excuses to run off

I, on the other hand, holding you tight 😛

ask for just one last turn

We move shyly, you more than me

Our eyes never meeting. mine always down on your feet

And yours, well, they fall on me.

‘Footsteps!’ We try to part

But something still pulls us back

There’s no fear of being caught

We binded by a moment undefined

As we see the ‘dance’ closing up

You, quietly, near me

come close. Very.

Kiss forehead. Silently.

Thats how we danced first, you and me.


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